Swiss Inn

This is NOT the Swiss Inn!

A long time guest has sent along a picture of the kitchen at the condo that they purchased. She has decided that having there own place to come and ski does not include some of the benefits of staying at the Inn. Please note that the stove is brand new and it looks as if it will stay that way for awhile. The planter is on the burners and the sign above the stove reads " This Isn't The Swiss Inn". All the poor fellow wanted was blueberry pancakes!!!!
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This is not exactly a funny story, but it is a prime example of how much you, Joe, and your staff, care about your guests.  We were up skiing and staying at your inn.You had been talking to us, and realized that George, and others, did not ski with a helmet. You tried your darnest to get him to wear one, but he wasn't buying it. George, and others that we were with, spent way too much time at the bar after skiing. George went upstairs to take a nap, and missed coming for dinner that night. At breakfast the next morning, you came to take his breakfast order wearing a ski helmet, with ice packs duck taped onto the sides. You told him that he could have that helmet. it would protect his head in more than one way! We still laugh about that, and at the same time, are very grateful for your caring and friendship. How many places can you stay where you feel like you are staying with friends? For that, we thank you.Deb and George Koch
This is the duck that came upon the inn in 2006 and adopted the back yard of the inn as it's own barnyard. Spike Aflac sees his shadow on Duck Day, October 16, 2006 at the Swiss Inn, Londonderry Vermont. This means a wild winter ahead. If he didn't see his shadow. it would signify lots of snow and a long ski season.
Since this guest has recently retired with lots of time on his hands and been coming to the inn for over 36 years and the Swiss Iinn started with limited pet friendly rooms in the summer of 2008, this guest decided to take full advantage by inviting a friend for a drink at the new Eagles Nest Tavern in the inn. Of course if you look closely it is the donkey from Coney Island that is superimposed at the bar. Thanks for the Joke photo Jack, you can see more of his work at the inn.


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